Where You Lead - Song Story

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Where You Lead - Song Story

In August 2012, I found myself in Franklin, TN in a beautiful vintage studio waiting to meet my next co-writer.  Gorgeous acoustic guitars lined the wall leading to another room filled with old antique organs and keyboards.  To say I was intimidated, would be an understatement.  I was new to co-writing and my next session would be with the amazing David Leonard from All Sons & Daughters.  I love their music and the vulnerability in their lyrics.  The Lord had laid on my heart to write a song about FAITH.  I hadn't truly known what it meant to step out in faith until this year.  The story of Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on the water towards Jesus creates a great mental picture of what FAITH looks like.  I told David that I wanted to paint of visual story lyrically and he began strumming while singing "The waves are crashing on this open shore".  The song starts our journey on the shore as a storm comes rolling in.  The first verse chronicles the emotions we feel physically and internally when we are fearful to step out.  The chorus states the theme of the entire song which is, "Where You lead I'll go, Where You lead I'll follow."  The second verse begins to declare "The storm is ragin', but I won't be taken" as our faith rises up.  We wanted the bridge to be a proclamation, a cry of hope.  "I will not lay down and hide, this fear won't cripple my life" is something we all need to say over ourselves in the midst of struggles.  

I wanted the song to have a little bit of a country, folk flair comparable to the Civil Wars duo. In addition, I knew this would be the only "duet" on the album and there was no one better for the part than Cody Carnes.  Cody is our worship pastor at Gateway Church in Scottsdale, AZ.  I love working with him because he is very creative and has a sweet, humble spirit.  I'm thankful to David and Cody for bringing this message to life through song.

I pray that you will keep your eyes on the Master when you find yourself in the storm.  He will lead you to safety if you will trust Him.  Check out "Where You Lead" off of my new album Broken Beautiful available on iTunes.  God bless. 


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