My Mother's Day Revelation

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 My Mother's Day Revelation

Almost 16 yrs ago, I had a baby girl who forever changed my life. A girl who has faced many health challenges due to an incurable disease called Tuberous Sclerosis...yet she loves God & life. She is unphased by her illness and limitations.  She takes every opportunity to sing and sees the good in every situation.  She will not allow you to cry or be sad, because in her world...God is God and He will take care of everything.  Oh, to have that child-like faith all the time.  She has such an innocence and still loves Barbies and watching the Disney Channel.  Today, as a mom of a special needs child, it's not always easy. But I wouldn't trade this job for anything.  Although I have two other jobs that pay the bills, being Taylor's mom is more of an earthly assignment...one that pays eternal rewards.  Every Mother's Day, I receive a card from Taylor (actually bought and signed by my mother LOL!).  Taylor can't buy me flowers or gifts on her own, but what she gives me is worth more than any of those things.  She tells me about every 2 hours that she loves me and I'm not exaggerating. One of my favorite memories is making lunch for her and Taylor telling me "Mommy, this is the best grilled cheese ever!!" You would have thought I made her a gourmet meal.  She melted my heart.  I have seen true, unconditional love through this child and I will never be the same again because of her. I am a blessed mom!  Happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome moms!  You are a treasure to your children.


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