More To Life - Song Story

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More To Life - Song Story

When I started to get the idea for the song More to Life, the Lord had been speaking to me about keeping my spiritual eyes open.  Many times we look around and see people, but do we really "SEE" them...the pain, the lonliness, the cries inside their heart?  I like to people watch and I started noticing people beyond just the outward person.  I began to observe how they are with their children or wonder why someone looked sad or lonely.  I wanted to see deeper into their souls and see them for "who they really were inside".  Knowing that God died for every person and that He wants each of us to know Him personally was really weighing on my mind.  I thought about how we get so busy with our own lives and ambitions that we are blinded to the hurting people around us.  There are people we pass every day at work or in the neighborhood and we just walk on by because we are preoccupied with our agendas.  More to Life was born out of that burden to get past ourselves to see what is going on in other people's lives.  It's a charge to remind us that we are the light in the darkness and there is more to life than just "us".  Encouraging people to give someone a hug or be friendly.  Be the hands and feet of Jesus through kindness.  Be aware of our surroundings.

My friend, Jamie Birkenfeld-Whisenhunt is an amazing lyricist and worship leader at Gateway Church.  We sat down for my first co-write and began to talk about the song and its message.  The words and melody just flowed effortlessly because Jamie was feeling the same emotion and burden that I felt.  It is one of my favorites on the album because of its syncopated melodic verses and musical arrangement.  We added some killer "BGV's" courtesy of the gifted Anna Byrd and the song just came alive.  I think my favorite line is "Am I blinded by my own ambition?  Is it worth digging deep?  Breaking out of me?"  And the answer is...it's always worth it!!

I pray the song continues to remind people to look around and see people through the eyes of God.  We must show His love and share His truth with all people.  You can hear MORE TO LIFE on my EP Broken Beautiful available on iTunes.


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