Deep Love Heals Deep Wounds

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Thirty years ago while on spring break, I stepped into the lake and cut the bottom of my foot on a cube-shaped piece of glass. I pulled the glass out and wrapped the foot. I was far away from any hospital so I did not have it examined. After a few weeks, the wound healed and I was able to bear weight on my foot again. I continued to play basketball and take dance classes with no problem. Then I noticed that I had excruciating pain whenever I applied pressure on the ball of my foot where the glass had entered. No foot massages for me! I assumed some nerves were cut during the injury and I was experiencing nerve pain. I just lived with this sporadic pain for 30 years until recently when the pain was not limited to pressure, but occurred every time I walked barefooted. I started hobbling around everywhere in so much pain until I finally decided to see a foot doctor. After an x-ray and MRI scan, I was shocked to find out that I still had a piece of glass in my foot after 30 years.

The doctor explained that usually when a foreign object invades the body, that the body will reject it in some form. In my case, the glass went so deep in my foot, that my body received it as a part of itself and grew scar tissue around it. As time progressed, some nerves became lodged in the tissue causing the pain. Needless to say, I had to have surgery. I was not thrilled by any means to have my foot cut open again, but I knew the glass had to be cut out in order for me to experience complete healing. After 5 weeks in a boot and some therapy, I am almost good as new. My foot has since healed and although I have some numbness, I don’t have any pain. Most importantly, I’m able to sing and lead worship without any hindrance when I move.

The Lord showed me a very simple revelation that I wanted to share with whoever may read this. What deep wound or offense are we just “living” with? Are we ignoring the pain that is inevitably causing us to limp around in life? Just like the glass that entered my foot 30 years ago, there are many of you who have had something invade your life and the hurt went so deep that you took it in as a part of your life, your identity, your personality. Whenever someone or something presses on that “area”, it bothers you…it hurts…it sets you off. But you’ve just grown to accept it, but it’s damaging your walk. It’s time to cut that thing out!! It’s time for surgery.

I want to encourage you that our God is a gentle, loving surgeon. With our lives in His hands, we are sure to experience ultimate healing. But we have to surrender and sign the dotted line. Although I had an actual physical surgery to remove my foreign object, God has shown me many other spiritual and emotional “foreign objects” that we can allow to become hindrances in our walk. They’ve kept us from living in freedom and pursuing our destiny. For some it may be inner vows or judgments that were made because of abuse or abandonment, or it may be insecurity, rejection, pride, comparison, anger or bitterness. Whatever it is, it needs to be cut out at the root and it can be painful, but God is faithful to stand by you every step of the way to recovery.

We are all on a spiritual journey. No one has arrived. God is constantly revealing things to us if we will just listen and obey. Ask Him what the “piece of glass” might be in your life. It may have been there for years and you know it’s become a part of you and it never should have been. Let Him show you the necessary steps towards removing it from your life so you can walk strong and tall. There are many resources out there to help you start this journey.  My church has an amazing Freedom Ministry and you can hear specific teachings on every area of life at http://gatewaypeople.com/ministries/freedom-kairos/media1.  I know it will be an encouragement to you as it was to me.  The scars will still be there, but we can walk victorious knowing we have a testimony and a story in those scars. I pray for each person who reads this. May you experience the freedom that comes from inner healing of these deep wounds. God’s love covers all things. He is our healer.


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